Sylvain Botter | Press Coverage
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Press Coverage

In February 2017, I launched a worldwide buzz with my video “Share your Dream”, a hyperlapse crossing 9 countries of Asia. I started by being featured in the DailyMail (UK), with 6 million readers monthly (TOP 5 newspaper worldwide). Then, I was published on (USA), Telegraph (UK), DailyExpress (UK), Travel&Leisure (USA), Ria (Russia), National Geographic (Serbia) and so on.. with more than 20 articles.


Most important articles:


Daily Mail (Grande-Bretagne, Février 2017)
Telegraph (Grande-Bretagne, Février 2017)
Lonelyplanet (USA, Février 2017)
Daily Express (Grande-Bretagne, Février 2017)
Travel & Leisure (USA, Février 2017)
DIY Photography (Israël, Février 2017)
National Geographic (Serbie, Février 2017)


Other articles:


The Straits Time (Singapore, March 2017)


Le Matin (Switzerland, February 2017)
Timelapse Network (Italy, February 2017)
The Nine (Australia, February 2017) (USA, Février 2017)
Ria (Russie, Février 2017) (Russie, Février 2017) (Russie, Février 2017)
Pokkekun (Japon, Février 2017)
Travelo (Hongrie, Février 2017)
Kurir (Croatie, Février 2017) (Kazakhstan, Février 2017)
Faktor (Macédoine, Février 2017)


LeMatin (Suisse, Novembre 2016)
Arcinfo (Suisse, Novembre 2016)
L’illustré (Suisse, Novembre 2016, n°45, “têtes d’affiche”)
Scoopwhoop (Inde, Novembre 2016)
Langweiledich (Allemagne, Novembre 2016)
Buzzfill (France, Novembre 2016)


LeMatin (Switzerland, December 2017)
ArcInfo (Switzerland, December 2017)
Timelapse Network (Italy, December 2017)



In 2016, I created the travel video “Live Your Dream” and was featured in local Press (, as well as international press (Scoopwhoop, Langweiledich)

I also launched a local buzz in December 2015 in Switzerland with the video “The Lausanne Experience”. I recently won the Golden Reel Award at Tiburon International Film Festival as the “Best Experimental” film and I was screened at Atlanta Shortsfest on 15th of July 2016. I get featured by the Swiss press in “L’impartial” and online on,,, Le Nouvelliste, Correrie del Ticino and other Swiss Medias. I was also posted on different Social Media pages such as IOC, Lausanne tourism board, Geneva Lake region…

I get also featured by the regional newspaper “24heures” in 2007. This photography (white buildings) was published in the book “Lausanne 2010”.